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OECD judges ITSCI to be highly aligned

18 April 2018

In 2016 the OECD launched a project to develop and pilot test an assessment methodology for evaluating the extent to which industry programs align with the detailed recommendations of the OECD Guidance. The five initiatives assessed were Conflict Free Smelter Initiative (CFSI, now RMI), ITSCI Programme, LBMA, RJC and DMCC. Of the five ITSCI was by far the most aligned with the OECD's guidance. The assessment process will provide valuable assistance to the European Union when it comes to implementing the 2017 conflict mineral regulation. 

In 2018, ITSCI achieved:

  • 100% standards alignment rating for overarching due diligence principles
  • 100% standards alignment rating for work on the 5 Step framework.
  • 75% implementation alignment rating for the overarching due diligence principles
  • 80% implementation alignment rating for the 5 Step framework of due diligence, with individual rating of each Step 1 to 5, aside from Step 3, of between 80% and 100%

This level of alignment was significantly higher than that achieved by the other four programs under consideration.

In a statement the Governing Committee of ITSCI said that "ITSCI is immensely pleased to achieve overall combined 91% standards + implementation alignment for the 5 Steps of the Guidance on which our programme focuses; sufficient for this assessment section to already be considered as fully aligned.

"Due diligence implementation requires information to be available from the ground for company decision making. The lack of such information creates embargos, and such information can only be generated through on-the-ground teams with a range of expertise and appropriate management.  We are encouraged that the alignment recognizes the importance of on-the-ground activity and note that the extent of our activities, including wider training and support for all stakeholders, is limited by financial resource, an issue also noted in Box 6 [of the report] in regard to gold.

"We strive to ensure market access for all, including artisanal miners, and have worked hard to set appropriate standards of due diligence to avoid disengagement which remains our fundamental objective. We believe that the implementation of ITSCI has driven enormous improvements in human rights and conflict and will seek to minimize increased requirements from this assessment to avoid further increases to the burden on miners on the ground."

The report is available to download from the OECD here.

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