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T.I.C. presentation at Argus Metals Week

27 February 2020

An informative presentation was given by T.I.C. President Dr Daniel F. Persico at the Argus Metals Week conference in London, UK, last week. As well as an introduction to the T.I.C., the international industry association for tantalum and niobium, Dr Persico discussed tantalum demand and raw material outlook.

His slides are available here.

Key takeaways included an analysis of the passive components industry in general, and within that industry the market for tantalum-based capacitors specifically. He explained that outlook in electronics is positive, with year on year growth (by value) forecast to increase by around 2.4% this year. Within electronics, outlook for Ta-based capacitors is slightly higher still due to several important new applications growing simultaneously: industry 4.0, automotive electronics, servers and storage, 5G, and edge computing (when data is crunched at or near site, not at a distant server farm) to name a few. In particular, there is a great expectation that the IOT (internet of things) and 5G mobile communications, two sectors which have only just started to be rolled out, will demand tantalum capacitors for their exceptional reliability and durability. The coronavirus was not ignored, and while it will inevitably reduce economic growth, current estimates by the IMF suggest global GDP will still increase by a little over 3% this year.
His slides are available here.

For further analysis of the global tantalum market join us in Geneva, Switzerland, on October 11th to 14th for our annual conference and AGM: the 61st General Assembly.

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