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Transporting NORM guidance in German now available

15 March 2019

Our guidance document on transporting naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) has now been translated into German, bringing the total available languages to eight (Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, English, French, Japanese)

The Executive Committee is committed to educating both industry and the public about the benefits of our elements and also best practices within it. The NORM guidance aims to support members striving to comply with international, national and local regulations governing the safe and secure transport of radioactive materials, as required by the Association's Transport Policy. Inappropriately shipped materials can have a negative impact on our industry.

Niobium and tantalum raw materials can contain low levels of thorium (Th) and uranium (U), which leads to these raw materials being treated as naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM). International transport of NORM is governed by a number of regulations and agreements, which include an exemption level for how much Th and U may be transported without it being of regulatory concern.  Materials containing Th and U above this exemption level are transported as Class 7 Dangerous Goods, which means a number of requirements come into effect that ensure their safe transport.

Further information about NORM is available at https://www.tanb.org/view/transport-of-norm.

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