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The iTSCi Programme assists companies with due diligence and responsible sourcing of minerals from high risk areas.

iTSCi is a joint industry membership programme between the T.I.C. and ITRI (the association for tin producers) designed to assist companies with traceability, due diligence and audit requirements on purchases of minerals from high risk areas as recommended in the OECD Due Diligence Guidelines and UN recommendations.

Our activities are based around inclusivity and encouraging progressive improvement in the supply chain. The Programme aims to aid compliance with the US Dodd Frank Law, section 1502 on conflict minerals, in relation to the Rules published by the SEC but is not in itself a certification system. It also compliments other initiatives, including the CFSI's Conflict-Free Smelter audit programme (CFSP), the ICGLR's Regional Certification Initiative, and BGR's Certified Trading Chains Initiative (CTC).

Full information about the iTSCi Programme is available here.


Full details of the iTSCi whistleblowing policy are here. Alternatively email itsci.whistleblowing@itri.co.uk or director(at)tanb.org and clearly indicate to the recipient that the "disclosure must be managed in accordance with iTSCi’s Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure".

Whistleblowers can contact anyone in iTSCi, including:

  • The local and regional iTSCi field staff and managers
  • Pact: reporting-itsci@pactworld.org 
  • The Secretariat (ITRI): itsci@itri.co.uk or itsci.whistleblowing@itri.co.uk
  • The Governance Committee: ITRI (itsci@itri.co.uk) and the T.I.C. (director@tanb.org)
  • Synergy, the iTSCi Independent Evaluators: http://synergy-global.net

The whistleblowermay indicate if for some reason they do not wish the disclosure to be managed by the iTSCi incident reporting officer according to the described process.

The disclosure can be made verbally, in writing, or via electronic communication in any language.

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