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Applying for T.I.C. membership

The membership of the Tantalum-Niobium International Study Center is composed of companies from the entire niobium and tantalum supply chains, from explorers to miners, traders and processors, through to end users and suppliers of goods and services to the industry.

Corporate Membership

To apply for corporate membership, please complete the Membership Application Form below and submit it. 

To be considered by each October's General Assembly, the application should be submitted at least one month before the event. To avoid unexpected delays in the application procedure which could prevent an application from succeeding, applicants are encouraged to submit their application well in advance of the above deadlines. The completed form should include confirmation that the applicant has read and understood the following policies of the T.I.C.:

It should also be accompanied by a brief description of the applicant company's activities in tantalum and/or niobium. This is for the information of the member companies which will consider the application at the General Assembly. The application must be supported by two companies which are already members of the T.I.C., and which are willing to be sponsors of the application. The sponsors must independently confirm their willingness to support the application; they will be asked by the T.I.C. for confirmation so applicants should contact potential sponsors before quoting their names. When the confirmation of sponsorship is obtained, the T.I.C. will issue an invoice for the first year's membership fee, which is currently EUR 2400. This fee has to be received by the T.I.C. at least one week before the General Assembly. The level of the forthcoming year's fee is set by the Executive Committee of the T.I.C. every April. Applications for membership are then subject to a vote by the members of the T.I.C. at the General Assembly in October (via anonymous vote by ballot paper). Applicants may not attend the initial administrative session of the General Assembly during which their application is discussed, as this is restricted to the existing membership. Excepting the above, the successful applicant company is then considered to be a member from July 1st of that same year to June 30th of the following year. Regardless of the voting outcome, applicants are free to attend the associated Technical Meeting that follows the administrative session.

Corporate membership application form

Associate Membership

This is available to those generally not involved in commercial activity in the tantalum or niobium industry. Applications for Associate Membership are warmly welcomed from the following:

  • Academic institutions, research centres and universities
  • Government institutions
  • Non-Governmental Organisations and civil society
  • Individuals

The annual fee for associates is EUR 350. Details and a separate application form may be obtained from the Secretariat or downloaded here.


Benefits of T.I.C. Membership

The T.I.C. is involved in a wide range of activities, which it undertakes in support of members. These include:


Liaison with Government and International Organisations on subjects including:

  • Supply chain due diligence;
  • Transport of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials.
Information Services

Publication of quarterly Bulletin including technical papers and news. Publication of quarterly statistics of the niobium and tantalum industry production. Provision of a web site news page focused on niobium and tantalum. Access to presentations and technical papers from past conferences.

Organisation of members' meetings

Organisation of an annual General Assembly, associated Technical Meeting and Gala Dinner.

Trade Promotion of niobium and tantalum

Exhibiting and presenting at conferences relevant to the industry.

Member Support Services

Free priority advice from the T.I.C.

The T.I.C. General Assembly

Each General Assembly has a complementary programme of technical presentations and, in most cases, an optional tour of a plant or mine involved with tantalum and/or niobium. See the 'Events' page for descriptions of previous meetings. This annual event is the principal global platform for technical papers on niobium and tantalum, with the presentations also reported by the trade press. A key element driving the successful conference is the input of the members into the selection of topics to be presented. Only members are able to access previous presentations and technical papers.


The annual General Assembly ensures all members can participate in the T.I.C.'s governance.

  • Members are encouraged to submit presentations of their work or any topic of their choice at the annual General Assembly's associated Technical Meeting.
  • Keep up to date with industry issues, including updates on legislation that could affect the industry, as well as involvement in consultation on these subjects, giving individual companies leverage they might not have on their own.
  • Getting involved with the association: members are encouraged to pro-actively contribute to the Executive Committee and various Subteams.
  • Priority access to technical information and advice.
  • A name, contact details and core activity listing on the T.I.C. web site.
  • Referral from the association when enquiries are received for products or services.
  • Right to display the T.I.C. logo on the member company's literature and web site.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact either the Secretariat of the T.I.C., or any existing member of the T.I.C.

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