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About the Anders Gustaf Ekeberg Tantalum Prize:

The Prize is named after the discoverer of tantalum and will be awarded to the lead author(s) of the published paper or patent that is judged by an independent panel of experts to have  made  the  greatest  contribution  to  understanding  the processing, properties or applications of tantalum. It is open to any  published  paper  or  patent  that  is  judged  to  advance knowledge and understanding of tantalum.

Eligible publications

To  be  eligible  for  consideration  the  publication  must  be  in English and be made between 24 and 6 months before the award ceremony at a T.I.C. General Assembly. Therefore, to be eligible for the October 2019 Prize, a publication must be dated between October 2017 and April 2019.

How publications will be judged

The T.I.C. is secretariat to the Prize and will create a shortlist of eligible publications for consideration by the independent panel of experts. The panel of experts will vote on the winner.

Suitable subjects may include, but are not limited to:

  • Processing of tantalum minerals, synthetic concentrates or other raw materials
  • Tantalum used in capacitors or other electronic applications
  • Tantalum metallurgy and mill products, including alloys
  • The use of tantalum powder in additive manufacturing (3D printing) as pure metal or in an alloy
  • Medical (including dental) applications of tantalum
  • Recycling of tantalum-bearing scrap
  • Innovative new applications for tantalum

How to submit a publication

To submit or recommend a publication for consideration for the 2019 Award, please contact the T.I.C. office at info@tanb.org or any member of the T.I.C. Executive Committee by May 31st 2019. Papers may be submitted by e-mail attachment, or by regular mail. 

The prizegiving ceremony

The 2019 Prize will be awarded at the 60th General Assembly in October 2019.  For further information please contact the T.I.C. office.

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